Women's Haircut - $100 + 

  up to 1 hr 15 min 

Men's Haircut - $60 +

  up to 45 min


​Single Color - $120 +

  up to 45 min application time

  (on scalp color)

Multi-Color - $150 +

  up to 1 hr application time
​  (highlights, hand-painting, etc.)

Multi-Color (full head) - $210 +
  up to 1 hr 30 min application time
​  (highlights, hand-painting, etc.)

Accent Color - $65 +

  up to 45 min application time

  (Face-framing color, partial retouching, etc.)

Styling after color- $65+

  up to 45 min

Tailored Hair Therapies - $30+

  a la carte

  (Customized treatments just for you that address the

  specific needs of your hair.)

Prices will vary based on time required to complete work. Standard scheduled work time listed above; Additional work time exceeding 30 minutes (even due to late arrival) will be billed at a rate of $120/hr.

 One that fits around your EARS and covers BOTH your your nose and mouth simultaneously. 

If you have a legitimate disability or health condition that prohibits you from wearing a mask it is generally advisable to stay out of indoor public spaces.

regardless of your vaccination status


I can no longer accommodate clients who have not visited in the last 12 months. 

Clients who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be accommodated and will still be liable for the full cost of scheduled services.

Consultations prior to scheduling service - $170
(Regular hairdressing services include up to 15 minutes of consultation time. However, If you would like to have an in-person consultation or discuss services via phone or email prior to your salon visit - A Non-refundable payment of $170 must be made in advance.)



Your experience at POINT & LINE Hair Lounge is our number one priority. In an effort to provide the best service for all clients, we request 24 hour notice for any and all schedule adjustments and cancellations. If for any reason you must cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours, a 50% charge for all scheduled services will be automatically billed to you. Furthermore, after repeat cancellations or missed appointments, we reserve the right to secure a nonrefundable deposit.

Clients who do not arrive for scheduled appointment without notifying us via call or text will be charged (in full)  for any scheduled service(s).